Traditional recipes from our territory

Veneto cuisine


Maccafame means hunger buster and has always been a popular sweet offering from the Vicenza area.

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Vicentina creamed cod

A popular traditional dish which, in the past, was served especially during Lent, often accompanied by a slice of grilled polenta.

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Venetian-style liver

Of all the sweetbreads, liver is the most commonly used in the Veneto culinary tradition and is probably one of the oldest, going back to Roman times.

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Veneto-style tripe

Traditionally a hearty country dish made from offal which is cheaper than meat but still nutritious and tasty.

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Pasta and bean soup

This is one of the most popular dishes in Italy and it has many variations, but it’s Lazio, Tuscany and the Veneto that have made it a delicacy.

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Bigoli in Salsa

One of the simplest but tastiest dishes of Veneto cuisine which was originally conceived out of respect for the traditional religious diet of fasting days and Fridays.

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