Osteria Madonnetta

“Since 1904, Madonnetta has served the best and most genuine typical Veneto cuisine, our guests can savour our menu of simple, natural, flavoursome and seasonal dishes.”

Fam. Guerra 

An ancient osteria, a step into the past

“Here, in the heart of Marostica’s fourteenth century turrets and walls, Osteria Madonnetta, is one of a kind”

“On entering, one is transported back in time to experience the sights and sounds, and the unique atmosphere of a time gone by. The characteristic Osteria goes back to 1904 when it was first opened by Giuseppe Polita. It has survived, generation after generation, through to the Polita Guerra family and the capable hands of Amelia and Toni, with all its genuine simplicity in tact.”

“La Madonnetta was a rest stop for travellers, a refreshment point for soldiers during the First World War, and a welcoming place for the famous American writer E. Hemingway, who in 1918 was an ambulance driver and war correspondent. Throughout its long history, it has been a charming meeting point for anyone in pursuit of a thrilling game of cards, lively conversation and a good glass of wine.”

“On entering Madonnetta you’ll find a friendly ambience altogether. The antique furniture, the old hearth, the grandfather clock that marks the time, the walls adorned with vintage photos, portraits, serious and light-hearted newspaper clippings, satirical banter, and the beamed ceiling from which hang pots and cooking utensils – everything takes you back to a place inhabited by simple and humble folk and reminds you of the life of our fathers, the children of an arduous soil.”

“Alongside a good glass of wine and the inviting and genuine traditional flavours of homemade Veneto dishes, at Madonnetta guests can also admire the work of craftsman Toni Guerra; an object which symbolises the close bond between this ancient tavern and the turreted city of Marostica. It is the large round bench, made from a large pine tree from Marostica’s Pausolino Hill that was felled by lightning in 1975. On its top the walled city has been carved with a table inside on which sits a large chessboard to remind everyone of Marostica’s famous chess match pageant that takes place in the main square”

G. Antonio Muraro, local writer and historian

The local area and our sharing ethos

The Osteria Madonnetta upholds the ethos, culture and work of many local and national organisations. We are friends of The Restaurateurs of Vicenza, Zero-kilometre Eateries, The Association of Marostica Goose Restaurants, The Torcolato and Breganze Wine Route, The Slow Food Cooks’ Allliance, Slow Food of Bassano del Grappa, Historical Businesses of Italy and Historical Eateries of the Veneto

The Madonnetta team

Team spirit, fun, passion and enthusiasm, rounded off with talent and experience. Our people are the key to the outstanding hospitality at Osteria Madonnetta.

Typical Veneto cuisine

Flavours and aromas of the land where the mountains embrace the plain