Pork sausage with horseradish

Musetto, o coessin, col cren

This pork sausage is typically made in the winter season and must be eaten within a short time after production. It consists of brawn and rind combined with seasoning, and is cooked by boiling the ingredients in a pig’s stomach. Our research did not reveal very much about the history of the dish, apart from the fact it was a typical rustic staple, in which no part of the animal went to waste.

The dish is traditionally eaten with creamed horseradish which complements the taste perfectly, and since it grows wildly is easily available. Historically, horseradish was not only used because it freshened the mouth when combined with pork or boiled meat but also because of its therapeutic properties. The horseradish root was used to treat urinary tract infections, respiratory problems, aid digestion and above all as a bactericide. In every Veneto tavern you can drink n’ombra de vin, a slug of wine, with a slice of sausage and creamed horseradish.